My 2019 "Must- Have" Travel Favorites

As my fellow jetsetters know, the wrong gear can throw any trip on its side before you even leave the airport. When I was new to traveling, I can't count how many times I dug through my carry-on, and realized with horror that I forgot something important, like my phone charger or my makeup kit. Today, I have my travel prep down to a science – my slip-on Toms are a must for easy airport access, I always keep a pair of cozy socks on hand for in-flight relaxation, and I stock up on my favorite beauty products in travel sizes whenever I swing by Sephora.

I'm not known for my light packing skills – I'm the kind of girl who always wants options – but my favorite travel gear is helping me get there. Here's what I'm obsessed with in 2019.

Hook and Albert Weekender Bag

When I have a short trip and don't need clothes for weeks, the Hook and Albert Weekender Bag is a perfect fit. A combination of a garment bag and a standard duffle, it's easy to pack your favorites without the risk of wrinkles, stash must-haves in the ample pockets, and get from point A to point B without hauling a bulky suitcase. I can even squeeze in several pairs of flats, sandals, and heels to cover any occasion.

The Alchemy "Bigger Carry-On" by Away

Away's prowess in high-tech luggage is no secret and I have to admit that I'm a believer. Since picking up Away's Bigger Carry-On, traveling has been easier than ever. With two compartments, one for clothes and one for shoes and toiletries, an impenetrable hard cover for protection, a TSA-approved lock, and a battery for on-the-go charging, I'm always prepared.  Not having to wait for checked luggage has been a game-changer and keeps my travel companions happy.

Cashmere Travel Wrap by White and Warren

Staying comfy isn't easy when traveling. Airports are cold and planes are drafty, and I just hate lugging a big coat with me when I'm picking up magazines and goodies in the shops. White and Warren's Cashmere Travel Wrap is the perfect luxury solution, providing a plush, luscious, and oh-so-soft wrap that's both fashionable and functional. I can use it as a blanket on the plane or a fashionable wrap while out and about; it's a deceptively cozy accessory for just about anywhere.

LASMEX Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

It took me years of getting tangled up in the headphones that came with my iPhone before I made the switch to wireless headphones, and I'm never looking back. My LASMEX wireless Bluetooth headphones were worth the splurge – the sound quality is fantastic and with a long-lasting charge, they hold up on even around-the-world trips.

TS Featherweight Compact Folding Hair Dryer

If you have long hair or are simply a fan of a great hairstyle every day of the week, having a hairdryer on hand is a must. However, many locations, including remote getaways, aren't well stocked. The TS Featherweight Compact Folding Hair Dryer is the ideal solution: sleek, chic, tiny, and space efficient, drying and styling on the go is fast and simple.

Traveling is my passion and the right gear makes living out my dreams easy. From the best luggage to my favorite travel shoes, nothing eases the pain of the lines at customs like knowing you're ready for anything.

Bon Voyage my friends! XO, Mags

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